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In today's world, embedded systems are everywhere -- homes, offices, cars, factories, hospitals and consumer electronics. Their huge numbers and new complexity call for a new design approach that means a new hardware/software prototyping. An effective off-the-shelf prototyping platform gives you the power to quickly convert designs into working embedded systems. We present the traditionally distinct fields of software and hardware design in a new unified approach. It covers the cutting edge trends and challenges, introduces the design and use of application specific processors, general-purpose processors and digital signal processors, illustrates hardware/software tradeoffs using different examples: digital camera, analog camera, audio, video etc and discusses advanced computation models such as Embest IDE, Code Builder IDE and modern design tools based on ARM, DSP and design platforms for cutting-edge wireless research. In addition to a prototyping platform, an off-the-shelf deployment solution saves you time and money by decreasing integration costs and reducing verification and certification expenses. You can easily move to a custom design and greatly reduce your time to market by using a combination of powerful software and rugged, deployable prototypes in a flexible platform.


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We bring enlightenment into the business of our customers. We first understand the need of the client and then work with them to design and deliver efficient solutions with reliability,scalability and upgradeability.


EdGate Technologies is a technology development and training provider for ARM,VLSI and DSP domains.We provide high quality design solutions and services that are tailored to suit the needs of the clients.


Embest Info&Tech Co.,LTD., established in March of 2000, is a global provider of embedded hardware and software. Embest aims to help customers reduce time to market with improved quality by providing the most effective total solutions for the embedded industry.
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