You can use your BBC micro: bit for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments – the possibilities are endless…

It’s a small, codeable device that can be programmed to light up using a series of tiny LEDs. A non-intimidating introduction to programming and making – switch on, program it to do something fun – wear it, customise it, develop new ideas. Micro:bit combines a pocket- sized coding device featuring several sensors and LED’s, with a website full of coding languages, projects and teaching materials helping you get creative – from making your own games to taking selfies, the possibilities are endless. There are two programmable buttons that can be used to control games or pause and skip songs on a playlist. The micro:bit can even detect motion and tell you which direction you are heading in. Built-in Low Energy Bluetooth connectivity enables the micro:bit to interact with other devices and the Internet. BBC micro:bit is an initiative to get kids coding. A royalty from the sale of BBC micro:bit merchandise helps promote digital creativity amongst young people.

A complete education program is ready to go www.microbit.org BBC micro:bit is more than just hardware, it’s a complete CODING experience. – Coding languages – Ideas – Teaching Materials – Lesson Plans – Videos Everything you would need to set up your own educational coding program to inspire future generations of coders.

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